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Seedling Sole Slippers

Elevate your guest’s experience by providing premium quality hotel slippers so they can relax in comfort.

So every hotel guest can appreciate those little touches of comfort that make their stay feel extra special, we have a slipper collection that delivers just that.

These revolutionary, biodegradable Slippers “Seedling Sole” – are all-natural, 100% plastic-free, compostable alternative to the single-use plastic slipper. Why not join us in the quest to reduce waste and remove unnecessary plastic from our hotels and at the same time, offer your guests an unforgettable memento of their stay with you.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: Hotel slippers made from single-use plastics create landfill waste which comes at a cost to you and the planet. Each year the hotel industry creates millions of tonnes of non-recyclable waste and whilst we’re all doing our best to reduce the impact, scrapping tiny shampoo bottles just isn’t enough. Sure, there were alternative slippers out there but everything we saw was either overpriced or cheaply made. And so, we set out on a quest across the globe to find an all-natural solution that would bring blissful comfort to your guests without the ecological pricetag. We are delighted to offer the perfect combination of sustainable fabrics for a lovely lightweight slipper that works in harmony with the world and brings a touch of luxury to your guest experience. Seedling Sole are natural, plant-based and 100% biodegradable slippers that can be worn with pleasure, and thoughtfully discarded afterward into the compost where they will leave no harmful trace and completely decompose. The upper of the slipper is crafted from unbleached linen, with flax padding and a sustainable cork sole for a soft and flexible feel. These all-natural materials use little water to grow and require zero pesticides. With a luxurious and organic feel, our hope is that the Seedling Sole will be seen as a beautiful keepsake that’s taken home and worn as a memory of your guests stay.

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    All-natural, 100% plastic-free, biodegradable open-toe slippers your guests will love. With just two sustainably sourced materials - cork and...

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