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The Cleaners Room News

August 27 2019

The commercial cleaning hub Ballarat businesses can rely on for high-quality products

The Cleaners Room is a name businesses have been able to rely upon for reliable, high-quality cleaning solutions for years, and now we are stepping up our service to the next level, establishing a commercial cleaning hub in Ballarat where businesses from a range of industries can come to get all the cleaning equipment they…

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June 24 2019

The vacuum cleaners helping Ballarat businesses boost results and save time

Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner that is easy to use, helps you get more done in the available time and produces outstanding results? For commercial cleaners as well as individuals toiling to keep their home environment ship shape, the answer should be a resounding “yes”. The Cleaners Room has vacuum cleaners for Ballarat…

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May 20 2019

Ballarat’s one-stop shop for quality vacuum cleaners

Whether you are cleaning a single room or a large business premises in Ballarat, high-performing vacuum cleaners make a huge difference. At The Cleaners Room, we know how important it is to match the right vacuum cleaner to the right task. After all, you wouldn’t head off to clean a big office block with a…

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April 29 2019

Quality washroom products for Ballarat businesses

The little things really do matter when it comes to making a bathroom visit a positive experience for your customers. That’s why our friendly team at The Cleaners Room provides high-standard washroom cleaning products for Ballarat businesses. Whether you own a boutique hotel, a cafe, restaurant, motel or some other enterprise, your bathroom is an…

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March 31 2019

Exciting news from The Cleaners Room!

The team at The Cleaners Room are excited to announce that we have recently made the move to a bigger, bolder premises in Wendouree, allowing us to take our operation to a whole new level! Not only will our new HQ allow us to provide our amazing customers with more efficient service, we will also…

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February 27 2019

Wide range of quality cleaning chemicals in Ballarat

Whatever industry you are in, The Cleaning Room has the cleaning chemicals your Ballarat business needs to shine. We understand that dirt, grime and debris are a part of life. In fact we’ve built a successful business on helping people and companies clean up mess by providing quality products and equipment that get the job…

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January 31 2019

Ballarat catering supplies help get the party started

If you are planning a party in 2019 let our quality Ballarat catering suppliesĀ  help you make the event a success. Whether your special occasion is a milestone birthday, a work function, community gathering or family occasion there’s peace of mind in knowing you have easy access to the right equipment at The Cleaners Room….

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November 27 2018

Looking for quality catering supplies for your Ballarat event?

When it comes to quality catering equipment for your Ballarat event, you need to consider everything from tables to cooking equipment and storage. After all, when the big day or night arrives, you can’t afford for things to go wrong, equipment to fail or items to be absent. That means you need to plan effectively…

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September 21 2018

Toilet paper that’s improving people’s lives

When ‘for benefit’ company Who Gives A Crap started selling their toilet paper about five years ago, they did more than provide products that were kind to Aussie bottoms. They unveiled rolls that were kind to the environment and kind to communities in developing countries. With 50 per cent of profit from selling their bamboo…

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July 29 2018

Looking for kitchen equipment and catering supplies?

When it comes to the frenetic and fast-paced world of catering for the general public, it’s absolutely crucial that you have kitchen equipment and catering supplies you can trust. After all, the last thing any business owner or team under the pump needs is for a crucial piece of equipment to fail at a time…

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