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Food packaging supplies for Ballarat businesses

February 26 2017

Your pizzas are so good they’re conversation stoppers, your coffee is full of flavour and your baked potatoes have a legion of loyal fans.

But if you are not using quality food packaging supplies, your Ballarat culinary marvels may rapidly lose their gloss among your customer base.

As a local business, The Cleaners Room is proudly committed to ensuring you have the best products on hand to do justice to food and beverages from your hospitality business. From sturdy pizza boxes to coffee cups complete with lids, we can help. Maybe you need paper bags or cups for your delicious hot chips? Do you need clear plastic food containers for fresh salads? Or are you after donut clams to hold a tasty sweet treat?

For food packaging supplies Ballarat people know they can turn to our experienced local team for a wide range of quality stock, all from respected suppliers. Knives, forks, spoons, serviettes, bowls, plates, cups, food trays and containers, towels, gloves for food preparation and even food wrapping products including aluminium foil can be found on our shelves. And if the product you need isn’t there, then we’ll work hard to swiftly source it for you.

Whether you run a busy café, a mobile coffee fan or a food truck that does a thriving weekend trade, it’s imperative to choose the packaging for your products wisely. It’s also important to ensure you are always well stocked, because there’s nothing worse than having fantastic food and drink to sell and finding you’ve run out of containers and cups.

If you are on the hunt for a local food packaging supplies firm in Ballarat, then head to the team with wide experience in the hospitality industry. That’s us – The Cleaners Room. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We also have an online contact form for your convenience.