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Peerless JAL Ballarat joins us at The Cleaners Room

May 31 2018

The Cleaners Room has always packed a punch when it comes to great products and advice.

And now there’s more. Yes, that’s right. More. And that’s because we now have Peerless JAL Ballarat under the same roof.

Peerless JAL, a national leader in cleaning products, equipment and supplies across a range of sectors, has been in Ballarat for almost half a century. Since relocating to The Cleaners Room earlier this year, we know that clients are really happy they can still access the wonderful products from Peerless JAL’s diverse range without having to search further afield.

This company, which is Australian-owned and enjoys a nationwide presence, is a proven performer that manufacturers and supplies a large variety of cleaning and maintenance products that can be found in aged-care facilities, hospitals, homes, commercial businesses, laundries, food processing premises, schools and much more. Whether you need to sanitise a bathroom, clean a food-preparation bench or maintain timber flooring, there’s a Peerless JAL product that can help.

At The Cleaners Room, we are big believers in offering the best quality products to our clients. No-one wants to waste time with under-rated supplies that simply don’t get the job done to a high standard. And, with Peerless JAL in Ballarat – now sited with us – we know their products won’t let you down.

All the staff on premises have a wealth of experience when it comes to cleaning solutions. We will work with you to source the best item, whether it’s a Green cleaning chemical or a piece of equipment, for your needs. And if it’s advice you are after, come on down. We are happy to share our knowledge.

Next time you want to stock up on a product from Peerless JAL in Ballarat, just remember they’ve joined forces with us at The Cleaners Room and relocated to our Howitt Street site in Wendouree. So come and visit or contact us for more information.