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The Cleaners Room News

May 25 2016

Looking for great hospitality supplies in Ballarat?

Ballarat is a popular tourist destination at any time of the year and it’s important for businesses in the hospitality industry to make a great first impression. That’s why you need to have the best hospitality supplies Ballarat has to offer – from The Cleaners Room. We believe quality products are the way to go…

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April 28 2016

Bulk car cleaning supplies for your Ballarat car wash business

When you run a car cleaning business, it’s imperative that you can swiftly access the bulk car cleaning supplies you need in Ballarat. That’s why many businesses rely on The Cleaners Room, a trusted supplier of auto care cleaning products. Those tools of the trade – the chamois, swivel washers, squeegees and the other cleaning…

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March 28 2016

Recycled washroom supplies for your Ballarat business

Have you considered boosting your corporate social responsibility by using recycled washroom supplies in Ballarat to decrease your impact on the environment? It might seem a small step but it can make a real difference – especially if many join the journey. There’s a growing push across the nation for people, including the corporate sector,…

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February 26 2016

Robust domestic vacuum cleaners in Ballarat

Whether you run a residential cleaning business or roll up your sleeves and keep your own home clean, domestic vacuum cleaners in Ballarat hold a powerful place across this city. They’re workhorses in our residential world, powering through dust, dirt and debris to keep floors clean and tidy and people’s lives more ordered. And thank…

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January 30 2016

Food packaging supplies an important ingredient for food trucks in Ballarat and beyond!

The food truck trend has swept across Victoria, from regional cities such as Ballarat to the metropolis of Melbourne and everywhere in between. And we think it’s here to stay, thanks to the breakout of talented foodies bringing their unique cuisine to multiple locations where the crowds gather. But great food needs quality food packaging…

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December 22 2015

Commercial vacuum cleaners for Ballarat clients

When you’re after commercial vacuum cleaners in Ballarat, it’s important you select a brand that won’t let you down. You need quality, reliability and efficiency when it comes to a product and you need knowledge and experience when it comes to advice. At The Cleaners Room, you’ll get just that – excellent products from reputable…

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November 30 2015

Restock hospitality supplies for your Ballarat business before Christmas hits

If you work in hospitality, you’re about to get rushed off your feet. The festive season is your busiest time of the year and it’s important to ensure you have enough hospitality supplies for your Ballarat business to see you through Christmas. When everything is organised chaos, customers stream through your doors and it seems…

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October 28 2015

A quality approach to washroom supplies in Ballarat

You reach for the toilet paper and there’s none left. The dispenser’s empty, you have no tissues in your pocket and you’re in trouble. No-one wants to be placed in this situation. So turn to The Cleaners Room, select from our wide range of toilet paper products and ensure your washroom supplies in Ballarat never…

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September 21 2015

Ballarat leader in quality vacuum cleaner accessories including bags

For your vacuum cleaner to work at its optimum level, you need to have the right accessories. And the correct bags can be an important part of the equation. But getting the right one when you’re faced with a bewildering selection that all look similar can be downright annoying. That’s where our experienced crew at…

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August 26 2015

Our quality hospitality supplies for Ballarat eateries

Pizza needs a box. Coffee needs a cup. And customers want quality. At The Cleaners Room, we get that. And we’re proud to provide quality hospitality supplies including food containers for Ballarat eateries that serve up delicious takeaway tucker to the hungry hordes. Supplying and delivering food packaging is an important part of our business….

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