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The Cleaners Room News

October 28 2015

A quality approach to washroom supplies in Ballarat

You reach for the toilet paper and there’s none left. The dispenser’s empty, you have no tissues in your pocket and you’re in trouble. No-one wants to be placed in this situation. So turn to The Cleaners Room, select from our wide range of toilet paper products and ensure your washroom supplies in Ballarat never…

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September 21 2015

Ballarat leader in quality vacuum cleaner accessories including bags

For your vacuum cleaner to work at its optimum level, you need to have the right accessories. And the correct bags can be an important part of the equation. But getting the right one when you’re faced with a bewildering selection that all look similar can be downright annoying. That’s where our experienced crew at…

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August 26 2015

Our quality hospitality supplies for Ballarat eateries

Pizza needs a box. Coffee needs a cup. And customers want quality. At The Cleaners Room, we get that. And we’re proud to provide quality hospitality supplies including food containers for Ballarat eateries that serve up delicious takeaway tucker to the hungry hordes. Supplying and delivering food packaging is an important part of our business….

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July 30 2015

Safety equipment is vital for cleaning industry

Contract and commercial cleaning can be a hazardous job and it’s important the right safety equipment is used every time to keep people from harm’s way. People carrying out the cleaning work face risks from harsh chemicals, dust and wet surfaces whenever they go to work. They need and deserve the best protection they can…

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June 26 2015

Supplying quality food consumables in Ballarat

If you are trying to source quality food consumables for your customers in Ballarat, then portion control biscuits by Kooka’s Country Cookies will serve up a tasty, economical solution. More and more organisations are turning to individually packaged snacks to satisfy their customers. You’ll find them in many hotels, motels, hospitals, caravan parks and waiting…

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May 28 2015

What to consider when choosing domestic vacuum cleaners for your Ballarat home

We spend quite a lot of time keeping our floors and surfaces clean. Ensure that you have the best vacuum cleaner for your needs with the help of The Cleaners Room. Our friendly staff can help you pick from the most extensive range of domestic vacuum cleaners Ballarat home-owners could wish for! Do you have…

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April 7 2015

Car cleaning supplies in Ballarat

Keeping a car clean can be a time consuming task. However with the right cleaning products and tools, you will achieve a superior result in half the time. Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to wash your car? Some techniques can actually cause unsightly scratches in the paintwork of…

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March 11 2015

Hospitality supplies for Ballarat businesses

Those in the hospitality industry know the importance of cleanliness. Keep things spick and span is not just for the customers; there are also many legislative requirements surrounding food safety and hygiene standards. So cleanliness really is an essential part of your business. To maintain high standards of hygiene, it is important to have the…

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February 27 2015

Extensive variety of vacuum cleaner accessories in Ballarat

House work – it’s the bane of many peoples’ existence. And vacuuming is up there as one of those jobs that you simply can’t ignore for too long, because tumble-weeds made from dust start to gather into corners and crevices and if you’ve got floorboards they can be seen blowing across the floor or down the…

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January 30 2015

Commercial vacuum cleaners for Ballarat businesses

Did your vacuum cleaner get a workout over the busy Christmas period? Cleaning up after the higher volumes of foot-traffic flocking to get their Christmas shopping done and enjoying gatherings and Christmas parties at your venues. High-traffic areas should be no match for your vacuum cleaner, not the other way around! We stock the commercial…

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