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192m Roll Towel ESG Controlled

ESG Controlled-Use Roll Towel

High capacity roll towels are unique to the ESG dispensing systems. The impressive length of both roll towels complements the innovative transfer roll feature, a design that reduces maintenance needs while being able to cope with the demand of high traffic.

Hygienic Advantages of drying with paper towels:*

  • Paper towels are more hygienic than electric hand dryers which may actually increase the amount of bacteria on hands.
  • Paper towels reduce the average number of bacteria on the fingertips and palms by up to 77%.
  • Paper towels show no significant potential of cross-contamination.

*As indicated by the comparative study of three different hand drying methods: paper towel, warm air dryer, Dyson® Airblade dryer. Prepared by Keith Redway and Shameem Fawdar, School of Biosciences, University of Westminster, London, 2008.