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619 Cornerstone Toilet Roll

For use with Cornerstone Controlled Use 3 Roll Toilet Roll Dispenser Black

Eco Soft Toilet Rolls to suit the ESG Slim 3-Roll Controlled-Use Toilet Tissue Dispenser.

▪ Made entirely from recovered fibre
▪ Not bleached or deinked with chlorine or other harmful chemicals
▪ Free of unnecessary fragrances, inks or dyes
▪ Features reduced-waste, recyclable packaging
▪ Controls use with the ESG Slim 3-Roll Controlled-Use Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Thoughtful Consumption

Our 100% recycled paper is designed to breakdown quickly (within
10-12 seconds of being agitated in water) reducing blockages.

ESG Cornerstone Controlled-Use Toilet Tissue

Assists in reducing consumption, maintenance and overall costs by ensuring the maximum use of each high capacity toilet tissue roll before advancing to the next roll.