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The Cleaners Room is a cleaning chemicals supplier and cleaning products wholesaler. We also sell all of our products to the general public from our Ballarat showroom. No matter what cleaning chemical you need for any surface in any industry, domestic, commercial or industrial use, we have the cleaning chemicals for any job. Our experienced staff are happy to advise you on the best cleaning chemicals to use. We supply cleaning chemicals bulk to the hospitality industry, cleaning industry as well as direct to the public.

By buying your cleaning chemicals in bulk you can save time, money and reduce the amount of plastic bottles you waste.

Bathroom Cleaning Products

We stock everything you need to leave your home bathroom or wash room sparkling clean. Cleaning chemicals for baths, showers, toilets, urinals, floors, ceramic tiles, porcelain, enamel and more. Along with all the necessary bathroom chemical cleaning products we also stock all bathroom cleaning equipment such as toilet brushes, cloths, scourers and more. If you prefer environmentally friendly cleaning products see our green cleaning products, we also have a complete range of products for commercial wash rooms.

  • toilet bowl and urinal cleaners
  • heavy duty bathroom cleaner
  • non chlorinated creme cleanser
  • mould and rust stain removers
  • urinal flat screens
  • urinal deodorant cleaner
  • mildly acidic and citrus based chemicals.

Commercial Cleaning Chemicals

All of our products for the bathroom, washroom, kitchen, laundry and more are available for use in commercial cleaning and for cleaning contractors. We supply a huge range of bulk cleaning chemicals for the commercial cleaning industry, the hospitality industry so be sure to ask us about rates on our bulk cleaning chemicals.

Glass Cleaning & Window Cleaning Chemicals

For domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning or professional window cleaners we have a range of window and glass cleaners that leave your mirrors, glass, windows or shiny surfaces streak free.

  • fast dry window, glass and mirror cleaners
  • spray on wipe off shiny surface cleaner
  • formulated glass restorer

Kitchen Cleaning & Kitchen Maintenance

We have the cleaning chemicals to tackle any job in your industrial kitchen, commercial kitchen or domestic kitchen. From stainless steel cleaners and polishes to dish washing powder and disinfectants we have it all at The Cleaners Room in Ballarat. We also stock all the necessary cloths, brushes, scourers, brooms, mops and more. Take a look at our cleaning equipment page for a complete list.

  • kitchen cleaning products
  • antibacterial detergents
  • disinfectants
  • general purpose
  • spray and wipe cleaners
  • all-purpose deodorant cleaners
  • stainless steel cleaners and polish
  • descaler
  • furniture polish
  • insecticides and automatic insecticides
  • deodorants, odour neutralisers, air fresheners
  • oven cleaners
  • auto dish washing powder, autodish liquid and rinse aid
  • dishwasher cleaner

Carpet Cleaners, Industrial Carpet Cleaners & Upholstery Cleaners

For large scale commercial carpet cleaning, bulk carpet cleaning products or bulk orders for domestic cleaning we can help you.

  • stain removers
  • acid rinse
  • dry extraction cleaning
  • fabric upholstery cleaners
  • Bactoshield – for cleaning carpets in gyms, schools, nursing homes and hospitals
  • carpet solvent spotters
  • carpet extraction detergent
  • carpet deodoriser
  • leather cleansing and protection

Floor Cleaners & Floor Care

No matter what the surface of your floor we have the floor cleaning products for you. Whether it’s timber floor cleaners, vinyl floor cleaners, hard floor cleaners, stone floor cleaners, ceramic tile cleaners we have the right floor cleaning product for you. We also stock all the necessary floor cleaning equipment such as mops and brooms.

  • floor polishes
  • floor strippers
  • floor care systems
  • floor sealers and floor sealer finishes
  • timber floor finishes
  • floor restorers
  • floor maintenance cleaners
  • floor seal and finish strippers
  • hard floor specialty products

Laundry Cleaning Products

Whether you want to save money by buying bulk laundry cleaning products for your home or large scale for the hospitality industry, launderettes, the cleaning industry or commercial businesses we can supply the laundry cleaning chemicals for you.

  • laundry powder
  • laundry liquid
  • fabric softener
  • bleach
  • natural detergent – no phosphates and no chlorine
  • We also stock a huge range of green cleaning products, please contact us if you are interested in environmentally friendly cleaning products.


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