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Along with all the necessary cleaning chemicals we also stock an enormous range of cleaning equipment and supplies for cleaning contractors, commercial cleaning or domestic cleaning. Ask us about our contractor cleaning supplies for any of the equipment below and take a look at our janitor supplies for professional cleaning contractors, environmentally friendly cleaning products or our range of cleaning equipment for the hospitality industry. We have great prices available for bulk cleaning equipment and bulk cleaning chemical orders.

If you need commercial cleaning machines, commercial floor polishers or vacuum cleaners we have a range of options from trusted and reliable brands.

Bins & Bin Liners

  • handy bins
  • kids bins
  • galvanised garbage bins
  • flip top bins
  • dome top bins
  • pedal bins
  • bins on wheels
  • plastic garbage bins
  • smokers bins and ash tray bins
  • sanitary bins
  • kitchen tidy bags
  • heavy duty garbage bags
  • contaminated waste bags


  • long handled dust pans
  • lobby pans
  • dust pan sets
  • dust pan and banister sets
  • electrostatic dustpan and brush set
  • metal dustpan
  • fire and household shovel


  • rubber gloves
  • latex gloves
  • disposable gloves
  • heavy duty protection gloves
  • chemical and acid resistant gloves
  • liquid resistant gloves
  • garden gloves
  • pruning gloves

Brooms & Broom Handles

  • indoor brooms
  • outdoor brooms
  • patio brooms
  • millet brooms
  • plastic backed platform brooms
  • electrostatic brooms
  • timber backed brooms
  • water dispensing brooms
  • microfibre brooms
  • yard brooms
  • handles – lacquered timber handle, plain timber handle, powder coated steel handle, aluminium handle, bamboo handle
  • broom and handle accessories
  • carpet sweepers


  • cobweb brooms
  • pipe dusting brushes
  • wall dusting brushes
  • microfibre dusters
  • feather dusters
  • wool dusters
  • chamois
  • rags


  • industrial scourers – light, super heavy and extra heavy duty
  • scourer and sponge
  • nylon griddle cleaning pads
  • hot plate cleaning systems
  • stainless steel scourers
  • pot and pan scourers


  • dish brushes
  • nail brushes
  • grout brushes
  • deck scrubbing brushes
  • toilet brushes and tidy sets
  • brickies brushes
  • lint rollers and lint roller refills
  • wire brushes
  • brazing brushes
  • paint brushes
  • boot brushes and shoe brushes

Cloths & Wipes

  • industrial super wipes
  • wipes on a roll
  • microfibre cloths – glass, dusting, general, industrial
  • cleaning contractors cloths – microfibre
  • scented dusting cloths

Window Washers & Glass Cleaners

  • home window squeegee packs
  • window squeegee
  • window washer with extension handle
  • replacement sleeves
  • swivel window washers
  • professional window squeegees
  • window pre-washers and refills
  • blade scrapers and replacement blades
  • extension poles – 6 foot and 12 foot


  • plastic buckets
  • roller wringer buckets – metal, contractor, spare parts
  • ergo buckets and press wringers
  • mop buckets
  • general purpose plastic buckets
  • window cleaning buckets
  • buckets on wheels
  • bucket and trolley
  • divided bucket
  • cleaner basket

Mops, mop refills & mop handles

  • squeeze mops and refills
  • swivel mops
  • floor squeegees – aluminium and wooden back
  • Tilt-a-matic antibacterial squeeze mop
  • Ezi Squeeze mop
  • slate and tile mop
  • cotton mop
  • DuraClean, DuraQuick and Greentex mops and refills
  • contractor mops
  • strip mops
  • hospital launder mops
  • Eager Beaver floor products
  • dust control mops
  • scissor mops
  • microfibre floor mops and floor pads
  • polish spreaders

The Cleaners Room are happy to advise you on the best cleaning equipment required for your cleaning job. Whether you need cleaning equipment for commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning or for your domestic cleaning at home we supply our full range to industry or direct to the public. We pride ourselves on providing cleaning products from the best quality cleaning product suppliers.

Keep up with the latest cleaning news, tips and products. See why you should use The Cleaners Room for all your cleaning needs.


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