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Con-Coat Water Based Acrylic Seal

Con Coat is a water based acrylic seal designed for use on concrete, terrazzo, ceramics and other porous earthen materials. It can be used internally or externally in domestic, commercial or light industrial applications.

USE: Ensure the surface is free from grease and dirt and that any prior coatings have been removed (including curing membranes).

For the removal of dirt and grease a neutral to moderately alkaline degreaser should be used such as Peerless Pro STROBE.

For the removal of curing oils and other waterborne seals Peerless Pro ALL PURPOSE STRIPPING EMULSION should be used. Once the floor is free from contamination, rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow the floor to dry. The sealing process can then start.

Two coats of CON-COAT should be applied with a lambswool applicator. An initial coat coverage rate will vary between 10 and 20 m2 /L depending upon application technique and the porosity of the material. Subsequent coats will attain a coverage rate of up to 40 m2 /L.

There will be a drying time of around 60 minutes between coats depending on weather and humidity. The floor should be allowed 24 hours to fully cure (and develop weather resistance) before traffic is allowed to resume. All tools can be washed out with water.