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Crystal Handy Cling Wrap

Available in:

  • 330mm x 300m
  • 450mm x 300m
  •       Perfect for Food Storage
  •       Superior Durability
  •       Crystal Clear
  •       Multipurpose Foodwrap Film
  •       Supplied in a Strong Hardy Box with Slide Safe Cutter

CrystalWrap® Catering Film with Slide Safe Cutter is reliably tight, easy seal and effortless in protecting the food you love by keeping it fresh.

Whether you’re preparing, cooking, storing or even controlling meal portions you can count on CrystalWrap® because it keeps your food moist and prevents odor and flavor transfer. 

CrystalWrap® is easy to use and easy to handle. CrystalWrap® can be used outside of the kitchen too.