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Ocean Mist Air Freshener 200g

by Glade

When our doorbells ring it's natural to worry about whether our homes are guest ready. Glade Aerosols eliminate odour and freshen the air, making your home uniquely inviting for all. Each is infused with essential oil extracts and comes in a variety of fragrances, ensuring yours will always be an open home.

  • Infused with essential oil extracts
  • Be transportedwith Glade® Ocean Mist Aerosol Spray. Crafted to refresh any room, this product instantly refreshes with hints of lily of the valley, green apples and melon. Perfect for adding a refreshing spritz of personality to your space. The Glade® Ocean Mist Spray is masterfully designed to take you away on an instant vacay.
  • Eliminates odours and freshens the air
  • Instantly freshen the air in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom or living room
SKU MISC045770