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Haaga 677 Battery Sweeper

by Haaga

Haaga sweepers are known for being high quality and easy to handle. The unique turbo sweeping system has two sets of brushes to pick up even the finest dirt – sweeping twice to capture the dirt directly into the waste bin.

• 4 Year Warranty on brush wear

• Overlaying disc brushes for better performance

• Brush height adjustment to clean various types of surfaces

• Unique beltless drive for durability and ease of use

• iSweep allows the gears to be self lubricating without wear

• Vertical storage to save space

• Perfect for large areas such as school grounds, workshops, carparks, petrol stations, car dealerships and footpaths

Technical Specifications

Brush Drive: Electronic or Manual

Waste Bin Capacity: 50L

Sweeping Width: 77cm

Fine Dirt Roller: Yes

Sweeping Performance (per hr): 3,600m2

Wall/Curb Roller: Yes

Weight: 20.2kgs

Crevice Brush Adjustment: Yes

Battery Run Time: 90mins

Battery Charge Time: 7 hours

Haaga Sweeper Brochure