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Tartare Sauce Portions

Made with crunchy gherkins, capers and diced red capsicum. This seafood staple is best paired with grilled or fried fish.

Delight friends and family with MasterFoods™ Traditional Tartare Sauce, the perfect accompaniment to seafood.

This traditional recipe combines finely chopped capers, gherkins, capsicum and a sprinkle of spices to deliver the rich, creamy Tartare Sauce.

Pair with all fish and seafood, this delicious sauce is especially great with grilled or fried fish.
Try served on battered fish, chips, scallops or salmon patties.

For something different, try MasterFoods Traditional Tartare Sauce as a dip for raw vegetables.

- 100 x 11g
- MasterFoods Established in 1945
- No Artificial Colours
- Rich & Creamy
- Made in Australia

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