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PLA Coated Bamboo Paper Salad Bowl 16oz

  • Suitable for both hot and cold foods. Not suitable for use in a microwave or oven. Not recommended for long-term refrigeration.
  • Made from bamboo paper with PLA coating inside. This PLA Coated bamboo paper is food grade and eco-friendly, creating a water and grease-resistant layer that helps to keep food fresh.
  • Versatile and perfect for a variety of foods, such as salad, yogurt, noodle, curry and laksa.
  • Various sizes available. Matching lids made from PET/PLA/PP.
  • Works with Lid for PLA Coated Paper Salad Bowl
Product Dimension 150x128x45mm
Colour Brown
Material Bamboo Fiber + PLA Coated
Pcs/Bag 50
Bags/CTN 6
Pcs/CTN 300