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Hotel Slippers With Cork Sole

All-natural, 100% plastic-free, biodegradable open-toe slippers your guests will love. With just two sustainably sourced materials - cork and linen - used to make each vegan slipper, guests can float out of your property with a clean conscience knowing their luxurious footwear experience won't leave a mark on the planet.

The sole is made from 100% natural cork, a completely sustainable resource. Harvested from the bark of the oak tree, the tree continues to thrive and reproduce bark throughout its life.

One of the world’s oldest and most versatile natural materials, linen is spun from flax fibres. Environmentally friendly with a soft touch, the seedling slipper upper is breathable, odourless and gentle on the skin. 

Seedling Sole combines warm, natural colours with a luxuriously soft gentle-on-the-skin feel and tread so guests can treat their feet with a touch of luxury that doesn’t cost the earth. 

Whether your guests are looking for a pool pump, spa sandal or just a foot-hugging house-shoe to lounge around their room in, Seedling Sole are the perfect choice of slip-on for ultimate comfort and peace of mind. 

Key Features:

  • Open toe design
  • 100 pairs of slippers per carton
  • Cork sole and unbleached linen upper material
  • 100% plastic-free and naturally compostable
  • Natural wheat colour slipper wrapped in kraft paper
  • Length: 29cm

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