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Tetley Teacup Bag (Pack 100)

by Tetley

Full of feel good Tea Cup Bag. 

Everyday wellness in an everyday tea. 

Fill your day with goodness with a mug or two of 100% natural Tetley Tea Cup Bag tea. A brisk and refreshing brew, it's the perfect blend for a peaceful moment to yourself to engage your senses. 

We take great pride in what goes into our tea bags - pure black teas containing natural antioxidant - to bring you a perfect, flavourful cuppa that's full of feel good. 

The Tetley team take sustainability seriously. That's why we are committed to: 

- the Ethical Tea Partnership, working for a responsible tea industry - find out more at

- 100% Rainforest Alliance certification on our teas sold in Australia - find out more at

In 1837, two brothers decided to stir up the tea industry, by horse. Really. Each morning for 19 years Joseph and Edward Tetley loaded and peddled it until the Yorkshire sun set. How did they (and the horse) do it for so long? We have no idea. 

Finally they set up shop in London. The horse was gone but the Tetley spirit remained: one part pragmatic attitude, an equal measure of working class roots and a generous spoonful of 'stiff upper lip'.

There you have it. An almost-200-ish year history we're quite proud of. 

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