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Thermoglo Plus

Thermaglo Plus is a clear, non‐yellowing, high gloss finish designed to enrich and enhance the natural colours of all types of floors. Thermaglo Plus is a simple to use sealer / sealer finish designed for use on a variety of floors from vinyl to terrazzo and timber. Thermaglo Plus reduces maintenance, inventory and training costs in complex sites such as schools, universities, hospitals and healthcare facilities, by simplifying maintenance programs.

  • Easy to use wet look finish
  • Available in 5L drums
  • Burnishable from 250 rpm to 2000 rpm
  • Use on almost any type of flooring
  • Scuff and mark resistant

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Stripping: Remove existing polish and sealer using Xpoly8 or Zip Strip, ensuring to follow all label directions. Rinse area with a solution of Tempo HD at a dilution 9mL/L of water. After the stripped surface is dry and has been swept the surface is now ready to seal. Sealing: Apply first coat of Thermaglo Plus using a clean polish applicator and allow 15-30 minutes drying time. Airflow and environmental conditions will influence the drying time required between coats. Apply a further 4-6 coats of Thermaglo Plus ensuring each coat is laid on a tack free surface. Allow surface to cure for 24 hours before burnishing. NOTE: Apply cautiously when floor temperatures are lower than 10°C. Apply thin coats of Thermaglo Plus and allow additional drying time between coats. Daily Maintenance: Sweep floor and mop or scrub daily with Tempo HD. Use Rejuven8 2-3 times per week to improve gloss and increase durability and slip resistance. Buff/burnish floors daily

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