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Tiltamatic Squeeze Mop Refill Twin Pack

by Oates

Oates Tilt-A-Matic Squeeze Mop Refill is ideal for your tiled floors. The highly absorbent sponge glides across your floors and removes dirt with ease! 


Our Tilt-A-Matic Squeeze Mop Refill is made from a 100% natural sponge, which is also highly absorbent gliding across your tiles and leaving them sparkling clean!


The Tilt-A-Matic Squeeze Mop Refill is easy to change and fits most other brands 2 post sponge mops for added convenience.


This mop is ideal for indoor tiled floors, with the 100% natural sponge leaving them sparkling clean after a thorough clean.

Oates recommends that you change your refill every 4 months to ensure your mop is working its hardest to keep your home clean.

Tilt-A-Matic Squeeze Mop Refill is suitable to use with our Oates Tilt-A-Matic Squeeze Mop. If you are ever uncertain about which refill is suited to each mop, check the back of our packaging for the "Recommended Product" section.

SKU O160845